A Fairer Start for Organisations

In recognition that the first few years of a child’s life are crucial to their development, A Fairer Start aims to ensure that every child has the best start in life.

Evidence shows that investing in early years improves social, emotional, physical development of children and has an impact on their education, health & wellbeing right through to adulthood. A Fairer Start recognises that each parent, child and family has a unique journey and the importance of understanding where they are on that journey. A range of factors including housing, relationships, mental health and finance all play a part in the development of a child which can be supported through improved community links and multi-agency working. A Fairer Start is an ethos and philosophy that aims to ensure better life chances for 0-3 year olds through culture change, awareness raising, knowledge building and empowering communities to raise children in a healthy and happy environment.

A Fairer Start is a 3 year pilot currently funded by Stockton Borough Council Public Health and NHS Hartlepool & Stockton-on-Tees CCG; focussing on improving three key outcomes for 0-3 year olds living in the Stockton Town Centre ward:

  1. Social, emotional and cognitive development;
  2. Speech and language development;
  3. Nutrition

The overarching outcome is for all children to be ‘School Ready’ by the age of five.